Choosing the right theme for your party can make a big difference.  We recommend choosing a theme that most of your guests can really get into.

Modern Day

  • Circus Setting
  • Casino Setting
  • Hollywood Setting
  • Hawaiian Theme
  • Wizard Theme
  • Halloween Setting
  • Christmas Setting


  • 1980’s – Prom Setting
  • 1980’s – University Setting
  • 1970’s – Disco Theme
  • 1960’s – Peace & Love Theme
  • 1950’s – Sock Hop Theme
  • Roaring 20’s – Speakeasy
  • 1910’s Titanic Era

Blast to the Past

  • 1800’s – Wild West Setting
  • 1800’s – Egyptian Theme
  • 1700’s – Pirate Theme
  • 1600’s – Shakespearean
  • 1500’s – Medieval Times
  • 1400’s – Arabian Theme

Girl’s Night Out Themes

  • Bachelorette Party Theme
  • Sorority Party


The character that each of your guests play is assigned by us.  If you have big personalities and/or guests of honor, just let us know and we will assign them to an appropriate character.  You’ll have a complete cast list in time for your characters to design or buy a costume fit for their part.