Book a Party

Steps to your party:

  1. Estimate how many guests you are going to invite. (12-50 guests)
  2. Call us and book a date for your party.
  3. Work with us to choose a theme. (All themes don’t work well with all amounts of guests.)
  4. Get firm commitments from interested guests
  5. Organize your “finger-foods” dinner/snacks.
  6. Finalize your guest list (at least 2-weeks before the party)
  7. Characters are assigned and official invitations with initial party information are sent out. (at least 1-week prior)
  8. Decorate your party location to match your theme. (Ask us for decor ideas)
  9. Make any last minute adjustments in guest list due to last minute cancellations. (1-day prior)
  10. Have your party!

General Information:

  • Pricing: $100 Hosting Fee + $10 per character
  • Service area: Southern California
  • Party length: At least 3 hours

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