Epic Mystery Parties are different than many other Murder Mystery Games out there.  An Epic Mystery Party is an interactive game where each of the guests are given a detailed history of their character along with goals, contacts and perhaps special abilities.  Each guest makes their own decisions on how to achieve their character’s goals.  It’s a very social game.

  • There are no actors: You and your friends are the characters in the game.
  • There is no predetermined script: How the game develops is up to the decisions that you and your friends make.
What you do (Host the Party):
  • Invite the guests
  • Decorate the location
  • Organize/Provide the food/drinks
  • Play the Game & Have Fun!
What we do (Host the Game):
  • Plan the game
  • Provide the invitations
  • Provide the character outlines
  • Run the game

Epic Murder Mystery Parties are as fun as you make them. Invite guests who want to play and be involved. Talking to other people is a must for all players to achieve their goals and win the game.

The size of the party can range from 12-50 people and we have many party themes to choose from.

The game is not played over a dinner table but rather works great with finger foods and snacks that can be eaten while socializing and mixing with others.

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